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How to Use Martial Arts to Set Goals

In my 28 years of experience teaching martial arts, I’ve witnessed profound and miraculous change take place in my students. I’ve seen martial arts students go from shy, feeble, insecure, and uncoordinated to proud, high-functioning, self disciplined, goal-setting athletes with a warrior spirit. 

Here are five reasons why.

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5 ways martial arts encourages goal-setting

Cognitive Function

Setting the goal of achieving a black belt within three years provides a structured framework for children to develop focus, memory, and problem-solving skills through consistent martial arts practice.

Brain Development

Engaging in martial arts training stimulates various parts of the brain, promoting neural connections and enhancing overall cognitive function, which is crucial for children’s learning and development.


Working towards a challenging goal like obtaining a black belt instills a sense of confidence in children as they progress through each belt level, building self-esteem and belief in their abilities both on and off the mat.


The journey towards a black belt requires dedication, commitment, and perseverance, teaching children the importance of setting goals, staying focused, and maintaining self-discipline, which are valuable life skills.


Attaining a black belt within a specific timeframe serves as a tangible marker of success, boosting children’s motivation, sense of accomplishment, and resilience, encouraging them to set and achieve future goals in various aspects of their lives.

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